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Marti Young Wellness Propagandist


Marti Young’s incessant internal monologue: I need to become a morning person; there aren’t enough hours in the day as is. Train earlier in the day; it’s too hard to get back around to it after I’ve let the quiet of the morning evaporate into the regular chaos of the house. Coffee!!! Respond to nagging emails. Wash my car. What has happened to its hygiene anyway? Call Mom. And while you’re at it, make it a more regular thing. List for the market: greens, cauliflower, certified humane chicken, berries or melons, whatever looks decent. Husband is speaking at noon. What to wear? Dinner for 30 tonight. What to wear? On a plane tomorrow. Pack. More coffee. Get my roots done. Pick up Mike’s shirts. Quinn, seriously, you’re eating my bath towel? List: new towel. Again. Maybe hit Costco this time. This is getting expensive.

And so it’s no wonder that I’m thrilled to be joining The Whole U team. I need more help getting organized and managing personal fulfillment than anybody. Let’s find lots of reasons to hang out: run, bike, Crossfit, Paleo potlucks, poetry salons, dancing, motorcycles, horses, doggie dates. Whatever. I’m here. Let’s bust it out.

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