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Chiara Iacoviello Marketing and Events Consultant

Ciao! The first thing you’ll notice when you meet me is my Italian accent! I was born in Rieti, a small town in Central Italy. After I graduated college, I moved to California to pursue an MBA in Marketing and International Business. I thought I would stay in the U.S. only a couple years, but nine years later… I’m still here!

There are so many things that I am passionate about; it’s hard not to fill the whole page. I love opera, interior design, reading, hiking, travelling, learning foreign languages, and exploring new places — whether it’s a new restaurant, park, beach or neighborhood. And cooking, of course cooking! But if I had to pick my favorite thing of all, it would be sharing a meal with my family: sitting around the table, creating memories, and enjoying each other’s company while savoring a yummy homemade meal over a conversation and a bottle of wine. My job as a marketing and events consultant at The Whole U gives me the chance not only to work on things I am passionate about, but also to discover what your passion is, and try to find more and more opportunities for you to follow that passion.

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