UW Retirement Association

Retirement transitions

UWRA offers programming to help you make the transition from employment to retirement, and to help you meet the challenges of life transitions that continue throughout your retirement years.

  • PRE-RETIREMENT TRANSITIONS WORKSHOPS — exploring the experience of retiring
    • WHAT’S NEXT? Panel and discussion on retiring after a lifelong career in academics, featuring recently retired UW employees. Separate sessions tailored to faculty and staff. These workshops are typically offered in spring quarter.
    • NON-FINANCIAL RETIREMENT PLANNING. An interactive, discussion-based workshop to help plan for a meaningful and fulfilling post-retirement life. Suitable for current employees approaching retirement as well as for recent retirees.
  • LIFE TRANSITIONS TOOLKIT — stand-alone sessions on the tasks of aging
    • LONG-TERM PLANNING: Support for taking necessary steps such as estate planning, understanding long-term care insurance, end-of-life decision-making, downsizing, engaging with aging.
    • RETIREMENT HOUSING: Programs on the future of congregate living post-COVID and on the decision-making process surrounding moving to a retirement community (or not).
    • ELDERCARE: Specialists on issues such as managing finances, working through medical and care concerns, and supporting caregivers, to help prepare you to assist a loved one or to make plans for yourself.

Send an email to UWRA to receive registration details for Transitions workshops as they become available, or sign up to receive transitions updates here.

RESOURCES – Materials from past Transitions workshops
  • RETIREMENT HOUSING: Former UWRA Executive Director Pat Dougherty provided an overview of retirement housing types and what to think about when considering a move. Click to download a pdf of the PowerPoint slides or a pdf of the handouts that were provided.
  • LONG-TERM CARE INSURANCE: Mary Childers, Consumer Advocacy Program Manager of the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner, addressed the current state of the LTC industry in Washington and provided an overview of what consumers should look for in LTC brokers and policies. Longtime LTC broker and educator Ken Story gave a detailed examination of the factors to compare when looking at LTC policies. Click  to download the PowerPoint slides: Consumer Advocacy slide show January 21 2016 or Ken Story LTC slideshow January 28 2016.

See also the retirement and financial planning workshops offered through UW Benefits, which are described here.

See also the National Association of Insurance Commissioners web page on long-term care insurance.