UW Retirement Association

UW Encore

Engaging experience for the greater good.

We guide UW retirees toward meaningful UW-IMG_2578related service opportunities.

You’ve acquired invaluable knowledge and skills during your work life. UW Encore is eager to help you find fulfilling ways to use them for the greater good during your retirement either at the UW or in the larger community.

Find  a vetted list of volunteer opportunities HERE.  

Use THESE TOOLS to help you discover where you find meaning.

Learn if an organization’s opportunity is a fit for you with THIS checklist.

Please contact us (uwencore@uw.edu) any time with your suggestions, questions, feedback or requests for assistance.

UW Encore video

Retired UW Professor Stan Chernicoff on finding volunteer opportunities using Volunteer Match:

Click HERE to see the 2014 Purpose, Passion and Power talk with Eric Liu and Encore.org founder, Marc Freeman.