UW Retirement Association

UWRA Scholarships & Fellowships in Aging

UWRA has a tradition of providing scholarships and fellowships to University of Washington students who are pursuing aging-related research or careers. Each year, students from a wide variety of disciplines receive these scholarships, which are awarded in Spring quarter. UWRA has also endowed the UWRA Patricia Dougherty Fellowship in Aging, which is awarded each year by the Graduate School. Each year’s Scholarship and Fellowship recipients share their research plans and expressions of gratitude for the donors who make their awards possible. Hear from this year’s awardees in the video message below.

While we firmly believe in supporting students’ educations — especially in these difficult times — we also know our gifts have another, significant benefit. By helping students, our contributions will advance the health and well-being of older people throughout our community, and help shape the future of aging.

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