Gandharan Buddhist Texts

Editor-in-chief: Richard Salomon, Professor of Asian Languages and Literature, University of Washington.

Coeditors: Stefan Baums, Lead Researcher, Buddhist Manuscripts from Gandhāra, Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities, and Ingo Strauch, Professor of Buddhist Studies, University of Lausanne.

The Gandhāran Buddhist Texts series presents text editions and studies of early Buddhist birch-bark scrolls in the Gāndhārī language, dating from about the first century BCE to the third century CE. These manuscripts, discovered in the ancient region of Gandhāra (modern Pakistan and Afghanistan), provide unprecedented insight into the early history of Buddhism as it was transmitted from India to Central Asia and China on its way to becoming a world religion. At the same time, as the earliest preserved manuscripts from South Asia, they are invaluable primary sources for the linguistic and literary history of the region.

Ancient Buddhist Scrolls from Gandhara: The British Library Kharosthi Fragments

by Richard Salomon

A Gandhari Version of the Rhinocerous Sutra: British Library Kharosthi Fragment

by Richard Salomon with Andrew Glass

Three Gandhari Ekottarikagama-Type Sutras: British Library Fragments 12 and 14

by Mark Allon with Andrew Glass

A New Version of the Gandhari Dharmapada and a Collection of Previous-Birth Stories:British Library Kharosthi Fragments 16 and 25

by Timothy Lenz with Andrew Glass and Bhikshu Dharmamitra

Four Gandhari Samyuktagama Sutras: Senior Kharosthi Fragment 5

by Andrew Glass with a contribution by Mark Allon

Two Gandhari Manuscripts of the "Songs of Lake Anavatapta" (Anavatapta-gatha): British Library Kharosthi Fragment 1 and Senior Scroll 14

by Richard Salomon with contributions by Andrew Glass

Gandharan Avadanas: British Library Kharosthi Fragments 1-3 and 21 and Supplementary Fragments A-C

by Timothy Lenz

Gandharan Studies
Edited by Richard Salomon, Professor of Asian Languages and Literature, University of Washington. Gandharan Studies is auxiliary to the Gandharan Buddhist Texts series. It will include scholarly works on the history and culture of Gandhara and adjoining regions of the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent, Afghanistan, the Iranian world, and Central Asia.

Gandharan Buddhist Reliquaries

by David Jongeward, Elizabeth Errington, Richard Salomon, and Stefan Baums