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February 7, 2022

UW Lecture: David B. Williams “Who is Watching You”

Welcome to the UWFA Lecture Series

UW Lecture, April 12, 2021: David B. Williams “Who is Watching You”

Who’s Watching You? – Do you ever have the feeling that you are being watched when you walk in downtown Seattle? You are probably right. Hundreds of eyes peer out from buildings in the city observing your every step. Neither human nor electronic, these ever-present watchers belong to dozens of carved and molded animals gazing out from Seattle buildings. Based on his book, Seattle Walks, this 1.5 mile virtual walk through Seattle’s central business district will reveal a menagerie of beasts fabled, fantastic, and fierce, including lions, eagles, ducks, and walruses, in addition to likely sightings of live birds and other animals in our city. Please join us, no binoculars needed.