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How to submit supporting materials

  1. See the table below for a list of required forms and materials for each award.
  2. Compile and send all forms and supporting materials as one PDF file to (please do not submit a PDF portfolios).
    • Supporting letters and materials must be in 12-point font.
    • Files must be received by 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 21, 2020.
    • We can not accept late files, individually submitted items or hard copies.

Required materials by award type

Distinguished Teaching Award
Excellence in Teaching Award  James D. Clowes Award for the Advancement of Learning Communities
Download the following Word files:

Download the following Word files:

    • Nomination Summary
    • ETA Checklist
    • Teaching Reflection:
      Submit an essay telling us about a value, purpose, event or memory that shapes your teaching (500-word limit)
Download the following Word files:

Frequently asked questions

Nomination Summary Form

What if the department does not have a chair or dean?
Use the name of the current or interim chair or dean.

Who should receive a copy of the congratulatory letter?
Associate deans, divisional deans, and other administrators or senior colleagues.

Award Checklists

Who should provide the letters of support?

Letters of support need not be limited to the nominee’s department or school/college. They can be provided by:

  • Current undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Current faculty members.

Who is considered a “current student”?
Any student enrolled at the UW who completed your course within the last year.

Can alumni provide letters of support?
Yes, if they completed your course within the last year.

How should the letters of support be addressed?
Dear Teaching Awards Committee.

Is there a word limit for the supporting letters?
Yes, all supporting letters should be 1 page, 500-words maximum, 12-point font.

Can I submit additional supporting letters?
Yes, you can include additional letters in the “Evidence of Excellence in Teaching” section. Please note that if this section consists entirely of supporting letters, you limit the opportunity to showcase examples of your teaching portfolio.

DTA and DTA-I Course List and Evaluations

How many courses/evaluations should be included?

  • Faculty must include evaluations for every course taught within the last two years.
  • If evaluations were not administered for a course, the course should still be listed. (A separate page may be used to compile non-evaluated courses)
  • If your school or college uses an alternative evaluation system apart from those provided by the Office of Educational Assessment, please include those evaluations.

If you have additional questions, please send them to