Center for Teaching and Learning

Symposium poster contest

Participants whose proposals are accepted for the Teaching & Learning Symposium will receive details on how to participate in the poster contest.

Poster contest timeline

March 20: Contest participants upload a PDF of their poster (via Google link).
March 31: Participants are notified of their poster’s status.
April 6: Judges visit finalists during the poster sessions. Awards are announced at the conclusion of the Symposium.

When designing your poster, consider…


  • Display is eye-catching and appealing to look at
  • Text is easy to read from a distance of 3-6 feet
  • Good balance of visuals, text, and white space
  • Organization is clear and easy to follow


2019 symposium poster 34 presenters

  • Purpose of the project is succinctly stated
  • Importance of the project is clearly communicated
  • Broader research context and where this project fits in is clear
  • Logical  flow of ideas
  • Explanations are free of jargon and accessible to a cross-disciplinary audience
  • No unnecessary details
  • The project narrative is clear to a viewer—even if a presenter is absent—and can be understood in 1-2 minutes
  • Results, outcomes, or conclusions are clearly communicated and are tied back to the purpose of the project


When presenting, consider how to:

  • Guide the viewer with a concise well-crafted narrative
  • Field questions with responses that demonstrate subject matter knowledge
  • Draw in and create rapport the audience (make eye contact, smile, etc)


View the list of 2019 poster contest finalists and prize recipients.

Poster design resources

2019 symposium poster #11 presenter

  • UW Brand Research Poster Templates
    24″ x 36″ Powerpoint and InDesign templates designed by UW Marketing & Communications. These templates include UW logos and colors.
  • UW Design Help Desk
    Located in the Allen Research Commons, the UW Design Help Desk provides free advice to UW faculty, staff and students on designing for presentation and publication.
  • Designing an Academic PosterUniversity of Leicester
    Step-by-step guide for designing an academic poster.
  • Designing Communications for a Poster Fair, Pennsylvania State University
    Tips for designing effective poster presentations.
  • Poster Samples, University of Texas at Austin
    Poster samples along with notes highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Scientific Poster DesignUniversity of California at Berkeley/Cornell University
    A guide for designing scientific posters.