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2019 Faculty Fellows Schedule

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Wednesday, September 4



Packet pick-up and on-site registration  [Johnson Hall 100]



Welcome to Faculty Fellows and teaching at UW




Plenary: “What I’ve learned from my students”



University Libraries Lunch [Allen Library Research Commons]
The Libraries Faculty Fellows luncheon welcomes new instructors to the award‐winning University Libraries. Eat and chat with librarians from your campuses about ways you can partner with departmental librarian liaisons to support your teaching and research while learning how to use what each campus has to offer to the fullest.



Getting off to a good start [MGH 241]

How might you plan your syllabus and first class meeting to set clear expectations, establish ground rules, and create a climate conducive to learning?  How can you find out about your students and your classroom before the first day? We address these questions (and others) to help you get off to a great start.

Mentoring and working with graduate and undergraduate students [MGH 231]

Students play a critical role in research and teaching at the UW. They look to faculty to advise them, in and outside of the classroom.  This session focuses on establishing a strong mentoring relationship in research, including co-authoring papers; helping graduate students lead classroom discussions and work effectively with undergraduates; setting expectations that reduce the likelihood of avoiding conflicts and grievances; responding effectively to conflicts and grievances.

Better learning, less time (this session is via Zoom, not in classroom)

We wish we had hundreds of hours to give to our students each week, but we don’t. How can we maximize student learning while using our time efficiently? This session offers and crowd-sources a suite of practices (with an emphasis on technology-rich strategies) that increase student learning without increasing  instructors’ labor.

This session will be held over Zoom.  Never used Zoom before? Great! We’ll help you learn and set up this teaching tool.

2:45-3:00 Break


CONCURRENT SESSIONS — See topics listed above



Thursday, September 5


Teaching reflections

Rooms are pre-assigned. Refer to the *pink* for your assigned room. Names are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

  • Review the *yellow* sheet to prepare and minimize set-up time
  • Instructions are in your welcome packet

Observing colleagues teach can bring a fresh perspective to our own classroom approaches. This session offers a multidisciplinary peer mentoring experience where seasoned and newer instructors learn from one another. Each participant offers a (3-4 minute) bit of teaching from an upcoming course. There is no expectation that the 3-4 minutes represents a complete lesson or approach. Each teaching demonstration is recorded on cell phones or laptops. After everyone has taught for 3-4 minutes, the small group views the videos and discusses them: What worked well? What might you do differently?

Please come prepared to share a 3-4 minute part of a lesson and some responses to the following: What are your lesson objectives? What goals do you have for student learning? Are there particular aspects of your demonstration on which you would like feedback?

Annually, Faculty Fellows rate the “Teaching Reflections” session highest of all program sessions.

12:00-1:00 Lunch




Evidence-based best practices for student learning and engagement [MGH 241]

President Ana Mari Cauce refers to the UW as a T1, meaning an R1 university where stellar, evidence-based teaching takes place. This session reviews the evidence that supports active learning approaches, which emphasize  students’ higher order thinking and engagement. These approaches advance student learning, lower failure rates, and close achievement gaps for women and students from underrepresented groups.

Why “diversity” and “inclusion” are not enough [MGH 231]

Almost every college campus in the United States, including UW, has come to embrace and promote “diversity” and “inclusion.”  This session interrogates the critical limits of that discourse and explore other ways to frame power and justice, within and beyond the  classroom. How might we address and approach racial, gender, and sexual differences to make the university a generative site of political and social transformation?

The role of self care for success in the academy [MGH 251]

Faculty success and promotion are evaluated explicitly on research, teaching, and service. We argue that there is a fourth, largely unstated, aspect of faculty performance that supports our ability to succeed: managing our well-being. Well-being permeates every aspect of our work and personal lives: goal setting,  work-life seesaw, professional success, personal health, community connections, and more. When we or a family member undergo chronic and serious illnesses, when we support aging parents, prepare for and have children, we sometimes feel unsupported in our work life and unprepared to manage. This session discusses UW resources and concrete strategies faculty can use to support their well-being while recognizing and supporting the well-being of their students.

2:30-2:45 Break


CONCURRENT SESSIONS — See topics listed above.



Social hour at the Center for Teaching and Learning [Gerberding Hall 100]
Gerberding Hall doors auto-lock at 5:00 p.m.


Friday, September 6


UW students talk about teaching [MGH 241]
Undergraduate and graduate student panelists discuss their experience of teaching—and learning—at UW.  After brief introductions, they’ll speak to the questions Faculty Fellows asked on September 4 via Poll Everywhere.
10:15-10:25 Break



Perspectives from 2nd & 3rd year faculty [MGH 241]
Hear from UW faculty members who were hired a year or so before you  about their teaching and research experiences at UW. Panelists offer 1 or 2 pieces of advice and answer the questions you provided on September 4 via Poll Everywhere.



Lunch with UW Learning Technologies [Odegaard Undergraduate Libraries 220]
Learning Technologies staff members want to know what’s on your mind.  What do you want students to learn or practice? What tools do you currently use to help them do that? This lunch conversation gives you the chance to meet LT staff, learn a little about UW-supported tools that can advance the learning goals you have for students, and find out how to use tech tools to save time (yours).



Active learning in large lectures [MGH 231]

This session invites instructors to consider ways to increase student engagement, advance student learning, & promote  and save faculty members time while focusing on student learning goals.

Everyone is talking about teaching as if new faculty members have nothing else to do [MGH 241]

The Faculty Fellows Program introduces participants to teaching at UW and to resources that support their teaching.  This session identifies efficiencies and resources that allow faculty members in all fields to excel in their scholarship while teaching effectively.

Forming and managing group work [MGH 251]

This session explores effective ways to design team and group assignments, procedures, and practices that advance specific learning goals.

2:15-2:30 Break



Career trajectories: Tenure-track and tenured [MGH 241]

This session focuses on campus-wide policy around tenure and promotion while offering information about policy and practice within the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering. While the session doesn’t “cover” every UW department or college, it previews conversations and questions at the department level, answers questions, and refers participants to relevant resources.

Career trajectories: Promotion-eligible and promoted lecturers [MGH 251]

This session focuses on career development for promotion-eligible lecturers, including campus-wide policy and practices for review and promotion. While the session doesn’t “cover” every UW department or college, it previews conversations and questions at the department level, answers questions, and refers participants to relevant resources.




What’s next and wrap up [MGH 241]