Academic Calendar

Period I Priority Registration Dates

Summer quarter 2018

Registration priority begins at 6:00 a.m. on your priority registration date. You may make changes on MyUW any day after your priority date.
Class Standing* Priority Registration Date
Graduate April 9, 2018
Professional April 9, 2018
Veterans April 9, 2018
**Students with Disabilities April 9, 2018
***Graduating Seniors (GSP) or Postbaccalaureates April 9, 2018
All other class standings April 11, 2018

* ACCESS students and University staff using their exemption status register beginning June 20, 2018. Washington state employees using their exemption status register beginning June 21, 2018.

**As needed based on approval by DRS. Others register by class level.

*** Seniors or postbaccalaureates who plan to graduate August 2018, December 2018, or March 2019 and who have a Degree Application on file in the Graduation and Academic Records Office by April 4, 2018, may register on this priority date.