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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Riki Thompson
TWRT 272
Tacoma Campus

Intermediate Academic Writing

Builds skills in close reading, critical thinking, and academic research for writing well-supported arguments in humanities, sciences and social sciences. Focus of reading and subject matter for exploration of ideas and development of writing skills vary. Prerequisite: minimum 2.0 grade in either TWRT 131, T CORE 101, or ENGL 131; may not be taken if credit earned for TCXG 272.

Class description

THEME: "Writing & the Digital World" CIC: Computer-Integrated Course (Meets in Computer Classroom)

We will discuss the impact of digital technology on writing. We will look at specific writing contexts--like email, blogs, chatrooms, Facebook, and texting, as well as the big picture of how the internet at large is participating in changes around communication.

Student learning goals

The course aims to provide you with rhetorical tools, opportunities to practice, and feedback on your writing so that you gain a greater awareness of how to use writing as an effective tool. We will focus on: close reading, research, and managing the writing process.

General method of instruction

Class discussion, small group activities, writing workshops, presentations, informal writing (pre-writing and drafting), and formal writing (essays).

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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Date: 11/13/2009