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Stephen M. Gardiner
Seattle Campus

Capstone Workshop

Collaborative research workshop. Capstone course for the values-in-society graduate certificate program. Prerequisite: VALUES 511 and VALUES 512. Offered: Sp.

Class description

This is the final and concluding requirement for the Values in Society Graduate Certificate. To enroll, students must have completed their other course requirements, in particular, the two required core courses: VALUES 511: Ethics Matters and VALUES 512: Justice Matters. This workshop is intended to provide an interdisciplinary forum for program students to share, collaborate on, and further develop work from earlier program courses. The workshop will meet regularly during the quarter, and students will take turns presenting some of their work that focuses on values issues, and commenting formally on the work of others. The first meeting of the course will be an organizational meeting at which each student enrolled in the course will describe the paper project they intend to develop in this workshop. A schedule of presentations will then be drawn up. Each student will circulate a paper of at least 8 pages and no more than 20 pages to the other students and the instructors two weeks in advance of the scheduled discussion of that paper. Each of the other students will submit a response paper of 3-5 pages to the group one week in advance of the discussion. Finally, each student will revise his or her work in light of the comments and discussion in the workshop sessions. To help with preparations for this course, please contact the professor if you are interested in signing up. If the course time slot does not work for you, please let the professor know, as changes are possible. Prerequisite: VALUES 511 and VALUES 512. TEXT: No Text Required.

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