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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Amanda P. Koster
PB AF 598
Seattle Campus

Administrative and Policy Skills Workshop

Teaches practical administrative, leadership, and analytic skills commonly required of managers and analysts in the public and nonprofit sectors. The workshops emphasize hands-on problem resolution, simulations, and actual practice. Credit/no-credit only.

Class description

It’s one thing to tell a story, it’s another to have a lasting impact. Created and taught by Amanda Koster of SalaamGarage

In 2006 Amanda presented her documentary project “Caxton’s story” to the infectious disease conference to the University of Washington. King K. Holmes, MD, PhD, Professor of Global Health and Medicine Head, Division of Infectious Diseases stood up, interrupted her presentation and called out “Do you realize this is the first time we have seen a face during this entire conference?” The audience was silent. Shortly after, Amanda was hired by UW and then NYU Department of Global Health to embark on projects that incorporate storytelling into international healthcare studies.

Over her 17-year career Amanda has found that storytelling adds intrinsic value to NGOs because it reveals a name and face to countless statistics while building a personal connection which is nearly impossible to forget. Students will learn ways in which NGOs and non-profits can use storytelling to advance their missions.

In Skills Workshop on Storytelling Amanda Koster, founder of SalaamGarage will lead students through the power of hyper-local storytelling and how it can help create social change with a lasting impact in our communities.

Amanda will introduce and dissect several of her local and international projects to students, including trials and pitfalls. The class will go over the nuts and bolts of successful storytelling projects and take inventory on the simple resources already at hand personally and in their communities.

From the Workshop students will learn how to build and embark on a successful storytelling project with a call to action and a goal of a sustainable, practical impact.

Student learning goals

Why stories matter.

What makes a good story.

Storytelling nuts and bolts.

What to do with a story: Call to Action.

Engaging community in advance and longterm.

Sustainable call to action.

General method of instruction

Presentations, break into small group discussion, and light homework.

Recommended preparation

Please watch these 2 TED talks before the 1st class: 1) 2)

Class assignments and grading

Each student will give a 5 min presentation at the end of the course on a topic that relates to their desired profession and passion.


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Date: 01/08/2014