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Craig W. Thomas
PB AF 590
Seattle Campus

Environmental Policy Processes

Presents background to establish the need for environmental policy. Explores in a comparative manner, examining both successes and failures, various strategies that have been used or proposed to protect the environment. Offered: jointly with SEFS 592.

Class description

Environmental policies are crafted and implemented today through a wide variety of governance processes in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. This great diversity of policy-making processes in all three sectors is a relatively new phenomenon, which requires a broad understanding of policy tools and multi-sector governance systems. This course examines a wide variety of policy tools in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors including agenda setting, bureaucratic planning, regulation, market-based mechanisms, transparency, collaboration, supply-chain certification, and adaptive management. We will use several criteria to evaluate how well these policy tools and processes work in practice, such as the role of science in decision making, the participation of external stakeholders, and impacts on environmental change. The course also covers a wide range of environmental issues to provide context for each of these policy tools and processes.

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Date: 12/30/2008