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Kimberly Barrett
Seattle Campus

Cross-Cultural Competency I

Focuses on development of multicultural competence in the provision of psychological services to meet APA guidelines for ethnic, linguistic, and culturally diverse populations. Students address personal development, increase their knowledge of diverse groups, and study effective models of intervention in working with clients of diverse backgrounds. Prerequisite: PSYCH 580.

Class description

Instruction in methods of assessment / evaluation with cross cultural populations. Students will learn how to conduct evaluations in areas such as: Criminal behavior, cognitive disabilities, domestic violence, depression and anxiety, child abuse, sexual assault, post traumatic stress, psychotic disorders, immigration issues such as asylum seeking and the potential hardship of deportation, sexual assault, civil rights violations and discrimination, employment and labor issues, competency to participate in legal proceedings, and the presentation of contextual and mitigating circumstances in the domains of homicide, gang related crimes, drug trafficking, weapons offenses, robbery etc. The use of interpreters and writing reports is also part of the learning experience. This class presents an emphasis on work with immigrants and refugees. Racial, ethnic, and cultural identity development in student clinicians, in clients, and in the clinician-client interface is included. Collaborative case consultation on student clinical cases is offered, as well as the provision of opportunities for the evaluation of a client while taking the course.

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