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Jana Mohr Lone
PHIL 205
Seattle Campus

Philosophy for Children

Introduction to the methods of "doing" philosophy with young people. Stresses the development of a community of inquiry in which budding philosophers are encouraged to ask their own relevant questions, develop views and articulate reasons for them, and to listen and learn from one another. Credit/no-credit only.

Class description

This course is a workshop in doing philosophy with children. Students will be introduced to the methods and practices of doing philosophy with young people, eventually enabling them to facilitate philosophy sessions in elementary, middle, and secondary schools. Philosophy for Children emphasizes “doing philosophy” over “studying philosophy;” instead of reading Plato, for instance, young people explore the same sorts of questions that intrigued Plato though the creative use of literature, classroom games, and collaborative exercises. Philosophy for Children stresses the development of a “community of inquiry” in which students are encouraged to ask their own relevant questions, to develop their views and articulate reasons for them, and to listen and learn from one another. In many ways, this course is an introduction to philosophy through children’s literature and classroom activities. Students successfully completing this course will have explored many of the perennial concerns of philosophy in a manner that is consistent with approaches used to introduce pre-college students to philosophy and philosophical inquiry. Part of the course involves traveling in small groups on Wednesday mornings to a local elementary school. TEXT: No Textbook Required

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Date: 09/26/2013