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Philip Wall
SIS 490
Seattle Campus

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The global economy is based on a complex system of rules developed over the past 150 years (but especially since the end of World War II). Thus, the shape of the global economy today is not accidental or solely due to market forces but is the result of negotiations that take many forms but primarily are between national governments. This is economic diplomacy.

In this course, we will trace the development of the post-war (1944-present) global economy, by examining, on a case-by-case basis, some of the ways in which diplomacy created and, over time, transformed key international economic institutions; encouraged and regulated an ever-expanding global system of trade and finance; and dealt with some of the myriad problems and crises of the world economy. We will focus particular attention on the motives political and economic, domestic and international that drive economic policy and diplomacy as governments pursue their national interests in a complex and often unstable global arena.

The course will utilize readings, lectures, and classroom discussion to understand both the specific elements of each case and the broader implications for the global economy. Writing assignments will be aimed at reinforcing that understanding, supporting class discussion, and introducing students to the basics of drafting policy recommendations for senior officials.

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