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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Jesse D Meredith
HIST 388
Seattle Campus

Colloquium: Introduction to History

Introduction to the discipline of history for new or prospective majors. Emphasizes the basic skills of reading, analysis, and communication (both verbal and written) that are central to the historian's craft. Each seminar discusses a different subject or problem.

Class description

This course will treat the political, military, social, and cultural history of World War I in Europe. Topics include the war’s causes, the experience of trench warfare, life on the "home front", the war's impact on European gender relations, representations of the war in art and literature, the war's effect on Europe's minority populations, and the war's legacy in shaping the history of twentieth-century Europe. While the military history of the war will not be ignored, a strong emphasis will be place on the war’s broader political, social, and cultural implications. We will examine a variety of primary sources, including novels, memoirs, poetry, posters, and paintings. Readings will also include scholarly historical interpretations of the war.

Student learning goals

Improving skills in writing clear and effective prose.

Improving ability to read and interpret primary sources.

Improving effective verbal communication of ideas through group discussion.

Enhancing knowledge of modern European history, particularly the years immediately leading up to and following World War I.

General method of instruction

Mini-lectures, but mostly discussion of readings and visual material.

Recommended preparation

No background in European history required.

Class assignments and grading

Quizzes, short papers, and a final exam.

Participation--20%, Papers--35% Quizzes--20% Final--25%

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Date: 02/08/2014