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Richard E Ladner
CSE 481
Seattle Campus

Capstone Software Design

Students work in teams to design and implement a software project involving multiple areas of the CSE curriculum. Emphasis is placed on the development process itself, rather than on the product. Prerequisite: CSE 331 or CSE 341; CSE 326 or CSE 332; CSE 351 or CSE 378; substantial programming experience such as CSE 451 or CSE 457.

Class description

Accessibility Capstone:

As cell phones become more capable with connectivity with the internet and sensors such as cameras, compasses, GPS, and accelerometers, there are opportunities to use them as accessibility or assistive devices. In this capstone, students will work in teams to create new applications on cell phones that allow persons with disabilities to accomplish tasks that would be difficult to impossible to do without their applications. An example would be an application for a blind person that would take a picture of a bar code on a product, decode it, look it up on the internet, then speak the name of the product. Teams will then implement and test their concepts as working applications. Teams will prepare written reports on their applications and present their applications in a public poster session where persons with disabilities will be invited.

Student learning goals

Develop and evaluate mobile applications

Understand mobile accessibility applications

Work as a team toward a common goal

Develop a team work plan and execute it

General method of instruction

Several general lectures. Team meetings. Presentations with feedback.

Recommended preparation

Junior or Senior standing with experience in software development

Class assignments and grading

Demonstration Code review Paper Poster and presentation

* Functionality of the accessibility application(s) - Does it actually work as intended * Quality of the code - Can the code be adopted by others as part of an open source effort * Innovation - Is the application novel * Quality of written report * Quality of the poster and presentation * Effort - Was the student's effort proportional to the overall team effort (A team is expected to have equal effort from each member)

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