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Courtney N. Johnson
COM 351
Seattle Campus

Interviewing Principles and Practices

Interviewing principles and practices, with emphasis on information gathering, selection, and persuasive interviews. Purposes and types of interviews, structure of interviews, and influence of communication patterns on interview outcomes.

Class description

This five-credit course offers an overview of interviewing practices and techniques. Although we might commonly think of interviewing in a journalistic context, its usefulness as a skill extends far beyond reporting. Having experience as both an interviewer and an interviewee will help you in job interviews, performance reviews, research, or any other situation where you might need to gather information from another person.

Required Text: Charles J. Stewart & William B. Cash, Jr. Interviewing: Principles and Practices, 13th Ed. (2011).

Student learning goals

Describe an interview as a communicative event

Construct clear and effective interview questions for a variety of interviewing situations

Provide clear and informative answers to interviewer questions

Remain confident, composed, and respectful during an interview

Adapt to the changing dynamics that occur during an interview

Craft a professional résumé and cover letter

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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Date: 06/25/2012