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Phillip S Thurtle
CHID 496
Seattle Campus

Focus Groups

Credit/no-credit only.

Class description

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CHID 496A: Biofutures Unplugged This is a special focus group offered to all students enrolled in CHID 222: Biofutures. It is designed to give students an opportunity for increased discussion of class materials.

CHID 496C: “Satan’s Game”: The Cultural Roots and Impact of Dungeons and Dragons This focus group will investigate the cultural impact of the tabletop roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons in U.S. popular culture. We will also critically examine the cultural and philosophical roots of the roleplaying game genre. By looking at the function and cultural definitions of roleplaying and through participation in a Dungeons and Dragons game, we can begin to understand the process of how a subject comes into being in modern U.S. society and the binaries constructed around reality/fantasy and roleplaying/interior self.

CHID 496F: Critical Video Game Design: Examination of How Video Games Balance Narrative. Theme, and Gameplay In this focus group, we will examine how video games balance narrative, theme, and gameplay beginning with example indie games and game study research from recent years. Then, using the insights afforded by these examinations we will design and create a couple of small games that work through these new ideas. The goal is to create a collaborative environment to explore and develop critical ideas about game media. No programming or prior experience is required.

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