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Maria E Garcia
CHID 490
Seattle Campus

Research Seminar

Intensive readings in specific topic. Students complete individual research projects. Satisfies the CHID senior thesis requirement. Prerequisite: CHID 390.

Class description

THE POLITICS OF LIFE. This research seminar is designed to help students conceptualize, develop and finish significant research projects in a single quarter. It should be useful for a wide range of students—students with varying degrees of research experience and with varied research interests. The class can be applied towards the CHID senior thesis requirement or it can be used to develop a stand-alone research project. The topic for this year’s research seminar is the theme of “life.” We will approach this broad category from multiple vantage points (human and non-human), disciplines, and methodological approaches.

There are many limitations to completing research projects within the space of a quarter. With this in mind, this course tries to maximize the amount of time students can spend focused on their own projects. The first five weeks will be spent developing a common language by reading an assigned set of readings and discussing these texts in an intensive seminar setting. At the end of four weeks, I will expect participants to write a brief research proposal. During the second five weeks each student will work toward the completion of a research project. In order to help facilitate this, students will meet in small research clusters. I will also meet individually with each student at this time.

As we proceed through the quarter, students will learn skills useful in developing future research projects, such as proposal writing and working with primary and secondary sources. Students are encouraged to use a medium that best fits their goals although each project must incorporate a written component.

Student learning goals

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Class assignments and grading

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