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Brandi Michelle Cossairt
CHEM 484
Seattle Campus

Materials Chemistry

Overview of basic principles, techniques, and applications associated with solid materials. Topics include description of crystals, examples of crystal structures, structural analysis, band structures of solid materials, preparation of materials, materials for microelectronics, and materials for information technology. Prerequisite: CHEM 453 or CHEM 455. Offered: jointly with MSE 484; ASp.

Class description

This course will develop basic theories of bonding and electronic structure in inorganic solids. A course outline is provided below.

Part I. Electronic Structure and Chemistry of Solids

A. Introduction to Materials B. Spectroscopic Methods C. Chemical Bonding in Solids D. Introduction to Band Theory E. e-/e- Repulsion F. Lattice Distortions G. Defects, Impurities, and Surfaces

Part II. Survey of "Inorganic" Materials

A. C (including graphene and nanotubes), Si, and Ge B. III-V Semiconductors C. Metal Oxides D. Ternary and More Complex Structures (including CIGS and Perovskites) E. Metal Nanoparticles F. Quantum Dots

Part III. Special Topics

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

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Class assignments and grading

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