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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Georgia M. Roberts
BIS 499
Bothell Campus

Portfolio Capstone

Focuses on developing a learning and professional portfolio, advancing skills of critical thinking and interdisciplinary synthesis, and honing writing and presentation capacities for appropriate audiences. Stresses collaboration with other graduating students. Prerequisite: BIS 300.

Class description

As you are completing your undergraduate coursework in IAS, you are likely to be thinking about how you got where you are now and about how what you have done will get you where you want to go next. Your portfolio capstone course will allow you to address these questions by providing you with time and a structure within which to reflect on your education and its relation to your future goals. You will step back from the learning you have done in individual courses, focusing on the connections among those courses and the links between your overall academic accomplishments and their diverse contexts, to us as individuals, to our careers, and to our communities. We will meet to discuss common readings, to share reflections, and communicate with one another orally and in writing. The course will conclude with an exhibit-poster session for all graduating IAS students.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

BIS 499 is an opportunity for you to share your "best work" with others, to learn from what others have accomplished in the IAS program, and to create a learning and professional portfolio of which you will be proud. That portfolio will include a polished piece of writing that reflects on your learning in IAS as it relates to your future ambitions.

Recommended preparation

Recommended preparation

BIS 499 is designed to culminate the program's learning and professional portfolio process. Students will take the course during their final quarter in the program. BIS 300 required

Class assignments and grading

The major assignments will be preparing (1) a reflective or learning portfolio, with a writeup, and (2) a professional or graduate school portfolio, which presents your work to a potential employer or graduate school. We will also write short essays in preparation for the longer portfolios.

Participation and timely submission of assignments; Short essays; Comments on others' writing; posters, and presentations; Learning portfolio with reflections; Professional or graduate school portfolio write-up; Presentation and Po

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Date: 04/17/2012