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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Aeron M. Bergman
BIS 490
Bothell Campus

Senior Seminar

Study of special topics in interdisciplinary arts and sciences. Prerequisite: BIS 300.

Class description

SENIOR SEMINAR: Where Art Belongs

In this seminar we will discuss the history of exhibitions: how have artists through art history used the format of the exhibition to convey meaning, follow or defy convention?. We will examine exhibition design and context as well as art exhibition as site.

We will think about alternative exhibition sites: what kind of sites can artists use and how will these sites affect the meaning of the art work?

Can the exhibition display and conceptualization be the art work itself? What is the difference between the role of the artist and the role of the curator?

The course will consist of lectures with an emphasis on discussion and holistic analysis of work and idea. The students will read weekly texts. There will be art work production and critique and at the end of the quarter students will curate, design, conceptualize and organize an exhibition in Seattle. Students will need to travel to Seattle at least twice during the quarter.

Student learning goals

Students will gain a deeper understanding of contemporary art.

Students will gain a in-depth understanding of art.

Students will realize an art exhibition.

General method of instruction

Readings, lectures, discussions and hands-on praxis.

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

Participation and completion of assignments.

Participation and completion of assignments.

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Date: 02/17/2014