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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Constantin M. Behler
BIS 452
Bothell Campus

Marx, Nietzsche, Freud

Study of the challenges to the traditional Western conceptions of the self, history, knowledge, and art by these classic authors of modernity. Examines the critical impact of their writing within its historical and cultural context and the ongoing significance of their work through the study of prominent examples of contemporary theory.

Class description

A solid understanding of major contributions made by Marx Nietzsche and Freud to our contemporary culture. This course examines some of their most important and characteristic writings in order to expose students to the central challenges of their thought. Particular attention will be paid to their importance in the development of a distinctly modern conception of the world.

Student learning goals

This course is designed to enhance a number of intellectual skills and practices. First and foremost is wishes to further your ability to think critically, understood here above all in terms of one's capacity to engage in what is called second-order observation, both of other peoples' ideas, writing, and creative work, as well as one's own. The course practices your ability to think and imagine historically, sociologically, and psychologically, and to understand and value communication in its various forms, as well as to further your own ability to communicate successfully.

General method of instruction

We study core texts through close readings, lectures and discussions.

Recommended preparation

A background in intellectual history, philosophy, psychology and history is an advantage, but not a necessity. An interest in exposing oneself to challenging ideas is of greater importance.

Class assignments and grading

Students will be asked to write a short paper on each of the figures discussed.

The three papers (25% each) and class participation (25%).

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