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Department Overview

BB1115 Health Sciences

Urology is the surgical discipline concerned with diseases of the urinary tract in males and females, and the genital system in the male. The science is broadly based: major areas of practical and investigative concern include congenital defects, cancer, renal diseases, reproductive biology, neuropathology, renal stone formation, and transplantation.

Clinically the field encompasses a large variety of technical skills including real-time imaging and manipulation, endoscopy, laparoscopy and robotics, and open surgery. Medical diagnosis and treatment are a large part of the discipline.

The department is actively involved in patient care, instruction, and research concerning the problems of urology. Training for medical students starts in the second year and continues through the third and fourth years. Training is also provided for residents, fellows, nurses, and applied specialists. The department is responsible for a fully approved urology residency program. Contact the Urology Clerkship Coordinator at (206) 731-3205 for further information.