November 2014


  • A new flag has been added to subcontracts in SPAERC to identify which will require FFATA reporting via the FSRS reporting portal. When the flag is set to ‘Yes’, each subcontract action will display a FFATA Reporting Date field to track the date on which it was submitted via FSRS.
  • A new database field “BPO Version number” has been added to the Subcontract Details page in SPAERC to keep Ariba BPO versions in sync with Subcontract modification actions. This new 3-digit integer field is designed to be used together with a BPO number when the PO type is Ariba BPO.
  • The OSP Subcontracts Team has four new auto-generated emails in SPAERC for modification/amendments and subaward agreements. Copies of sent emails will be archived in the SPAERC subcontract.