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November 2016 SAGE Maintenance Release

General Updates Grant Runner Form Updates Grants.Gov will be releasing new versions of select forms by end of October, primarily due to some forms reaching their expiration dates. Two Grant Runner forms will be updated as a result: RR Detailed Budget and RR Subaward Budget. The RR Detailed Budget will display a new “Total Costs […]

September 2016 SAGE Subawards Release 2

This SAGE update introduces to you easier collaboration with the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), more subaward status transparency and a refreshed user interface. Collaboration If you are a Subaward Preparer, you are able to: Withdraw a subaward request with “In OSP” status Cancel a subaward request either “In OSP” or “Withdrawn” status. OSP can […]

June 2016 SAGE Maintenance Release

Grant Runner: PHS Assignment Request Form The new PHS Assignment Request Form, introduced with the Forms-D changes, is now available in Grant Runner. This new form will be available to all applications in progress as well as new Grant Runner applications where applicable.

May 2016 Subawards Release 1

The new Subawards section in SAGE marks a change in both business process and system usage. Former State: All subaward intake actions managed through Ariba New State: Subaward intake initiates through SAGE, provides OSP the ability to issue agreements at an earlier stage Procurement setup & invoicing for subawards continues to initiate through Ariba An […]

March 2016 Maintenance Release

Fixes Error 99 when trying to change SC cycle in SPAERC An issue in SPAERC that was causing users to receive a 99 error when attempting to re-parent a subcontract from the Cycle Details has been fixed so that SPAERC users receive a clear error message describing the existing business rule that disallows moving a […]