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Note: There is a brief overview of Cycles in a separate article.

Cycle Details Tab

The Cycle Details tab appears on Funding Actions and Post-Award Changes. It works a bit differently from the other tabs. Instead of clicking on it, you hover your mouse over the Cycle Details tab to see the “fly-out” menu. From that menu, you can see all of the items that are accessible from SERA and that are in the same cycle as the item you’re currently viewing.

Note: Items will not display in the fly-out menu if they are not accessible from SERA (either because they haven’t reached GCA, or, because they’re an item type not accessible in SERA).

cycle details tab showing fly-out menu

From the Cycle fly-out menu, you can either click on a specific item to open it or click the “View Cycle Details” link at the top to see the Cycle Details page. If you click on an application, you will see the “printable eGC1” PDF version of it.

Cycle Details Page

The SERA view of the Cycle Details page is a simpler version of the SPAERC Cycle Details page. The Basic Cycle Data section is the same, but in SERA you only see the Hierarchical View.

Basic Cycle Data

On the Cycle Details page, you can see basic details about all of the items contained within the cycle. You can click on the help link (question mark) next to Hierarchy View for a description of the columns displayed.

The Basic Cycle Data includes information common to the competing segment or project: the PI, Sponsor, the Short Title, and the Organization receiving funding. All of this information populates in the Cycle from the first item added to the Cycle.

cycle basic data section

Basic Cycle Data also includes:

Field Description
Cycle ID System assigned, unique to each Cycle.
PI The name of the PI responsible for this Cycle of research. Populates from the first item added to this cycle.
Sponsor The name of the funding sponsor for this Cycle of research. Populates from the first item added to this cycle.
Description A brief description of the Cycle that is more detailed than the Short Title.
File Location As of November 2013, this is always File.

  • Cycles created prior to January 2009 may have assignments other than File. Once assigned to File, however, they may not be reassigned. (Cycles created between January 2009 and November 2013 were automatically assigned to e-Shelf. In November 2013, any Cycle assigned to e-Shelf was changed to File via a data clean-up process.)
Related Cycles If the Cycle you are viewing has one or more related cycles, a drop-down appears that allows you to change which cycle you’re viewing.
Total Awarded This displays the total Awarded amount from the Funding Actions in this Cycle with a status of Processed.
Total All Related Cycles (Awarded) This displays the total awarded amount from all Funding Actions in this and Related Cycles (if any) with a status of Processed.
Are all eGC1s or funding actions related to this cycle currently in SPAERC? If there are paper documents associated with this cycle that pre-date eGC1s and funding actions, the answer to this question is “No.”

If there are any related cycles, they’ll be linked to in the Basic Cycle Data section.

Hierarchy View

sera cycle view hierarchically

You can customize the columns you see in this view by checking or un-checking the boxes. You can click on the help link (question mark) next to Hierarchy View for a description of the columns displayed.

Note: Only items that you can access from SERA will display an “Open” link.

In the Hierarchically view, the display column may represent something different based on the Item type. For example, the “Admin Action Types/App Types” column will display the Application type for Application Items, but will display the Requested Change type for a PAC.

The following table summarizes the information that displays for each Column based on the type of item.

View Column
Item Type Sponsor/
Start Date,
End Date
Amount Sponsor Award/UW PO Number Admin Action/
App Types
Applications Sponsor Proposed
Requested Amount Sponsor Award Number App Types
Sponsor Actual
FA in GCA Date FA Current Amount Sponsor Award Number N/A
Subcontracts Subcontractor Period
Received Date SA Amount UW PO Number N/A
Other Admin
Sponsor N/A N/A N/A N/A Action-specific Admin Action Type (see below)
Sponsor Actual Dates Request Date Requested Amount N/A Adv Types

Each admin action type (PAC, PAN, etc.) defines actions specific to the type. The Admin Action Types column displays this type for each Admin Action Item in the cycle. The table below describes the column meaning for each specific Admin Action type.

Admin Action Type Admin Action Types Column Info
PAC Requested Change
PAN Content of Notification
NAA Agreement Type
CO Close Out Action

For all types, multiple selections may be made. When this occurs, the Hierarchically view displays “Multiple Types.”

This tab appears for Funding Actions.

Clicking it opens a separate window that shows all of the attachments for the eGC1. The following image shows the top portion of the page.

example e G C 1 attachments page

For each attachment, this information displays:

Field Description
Description Entered by the person who attached the file.
Version Indicates if more than one version of the file was uploaded.
File Name The name of the computer file uploaded.
Attached On The date and time the file was uploaded.

The most current version is displayed. You can access older versions by clicking the plus sign (+) to the left of the description.

Use the View link on the right side of an attachment to review it.

This tab appears for Funding Actions.

Clicking it opens a PDF copy of the related eGC1 in a separate window. The PDF shows the current version of the eGC1 and therefore includes any post-approval personnel changes.

example of printable e g c 1