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In this section of the form, indicate any Terms and Conditions that apply by selecting checkboxes.

Choices in the first section are:

  • Award Line Special Condition(s) Exist
  • E-Verify
  • Foreign Currency Award
  • Interest Income
  • Manual Invoicing: Additional Department Backup
  • Manual Invoicing: Adobe Edit
  • Manual Invoicing: Department Invoicing
  • Manual Invoicing: Foreign
  • Manual Invoicing: Other
  • NRSA
  • Non-Monetary
  • Retention on Sponsor Billing
  • SEFA | Multiple CFDAs
  • SEFA | Multiple CFDAs allocate expenditures chronologically (ex: supplement)
  • SEFA | Multiple CFDAs Department confirmation required Restricted for Purpose funding is co-mingled
  • SEFA | Multiple CFDAs distribute expenditures proportionally
  • SEFA | Multiple CFDAs separate award lines per CFDA to track expenditure activity individually
  • SEFA | No CFDA required confirmed with sponsor
  • SEFA | Split funding carries both federal and non-federal funding sources

The following image shows the first portion of the Terms & Conditions form section:

Terms and Conditions form first portion

Intellectual Property Provisions

Note: This section is not currently active.

Choices for the Intellectual Property Provisions portion of the Terms & Conditions section are:

  • Exclusive commercial license
  • Non-exclusive commercial license
  • Sponsored ownership over UW generated IP, including UW’s duty to assign
  • Sponsor granted interest in royalty income
  • None

Equipment Accountability

Choices on the Equipment Accountability drop-down menu are:

  • Equip. Acct.: Agency Owned
  • Equip. Acct.: Conditionally Owned
  • Equip. Acct.: None Authorized
  • Equip. Acct.: University Owned
  • Equip. Acct.: University Owned up to $5,000 and Agency owned over $5,000

The following image shows the Equipment Accountability portion of the Terms & Conditions form section:

Terms and Conditions form Equipment Accountability

When OSP receives or retrieves an Award and the PI is not included on the notification, OSP will create an Award Setup Request and route it to campus for completion.

Select the Awards tab, and then select the Create a Request link. It opens a menu with the following choices:

  • Award Setup Request
  • Modification Request (OSP/GCA)
    • Involvement needed from OSP and GCA
  • Modification Request (GCA)
    • Only GCA needs to review

Modification Request Menu drop-down list

To create an Award Setup Request (ASR):

1. Select Create a Request on either the Awards tab or the Awards Requests task list, and select Award Setup Request.

2. Search for and then select the application associated with the award.

Create Award Setup Request Search

3. The ASR will be created and open to the General Information section.

  • Enter the dollar amount in the Sponsor Total for Spending Period field
  • Enter the Sponsor Award Number
  • Select the Supporting Attachments section
    • Attach the award documents
  • You may want to include comments regarding items campus needs to complete
  • If the request needs to come back to a specific individual, you can make an assignment
  • Select the Review & Submit section
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the section and select Send to Campus

Send to Campus button

The ASR status changes to Composing and is no longer editable by OSP, and an email notification is sent to campus.

SAGE Central Awards allows OSP to create an Award Setup Request (ASR) after receiving a notice of award (NoA) from the sponsor.

The system notifies the awarded eGC1 application owners that the ASR was created. It will have a status of OSP Setup.

Note: The system will prevent more than one Award Setup Request from being created for the same eGC1.

For additional information, also see the GCA Award Setup pages.