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Data from an eGC1 or Advance Budget Request plus each UW organization’s defined approval routing process determines which reviewer roles appear on the approval flow.  SAGE uses the information in ASTRA (Access to Systems, Tools, Resources and Applications) to determine the individual reviewers for each role in the approval flow. Review SAGE ASTRA Roles.

A reviewer’s authorization is a combination of role and Cost Center. The match to the Cost Center must be exact.

When SAGE cannot find any matching reviewers in ASTRA for a role on an approval graph, the system forwards the reviewer email notification to the SAGE Support Desk (sagehelp@uw.edu), which helps to resolve the issue so that the application’s approval is not delayed.

If there is no Advance Reviewer in ASTRA for an approval graph, the system will block the advance from being submitted, alerting the advance preparer of the need for a reviewer. The system also sends an email to the SAGE Support Desk (sagehelp@uw.edu), which helps to resolve the issue so that the advance’s approval is not delayed.

As a watcher of an eGC1, you have access to review the application and the ability to add a comment to the History & Comments page. SAGE Approvals does not require you to “mark” the application as watched. Since the default My Approvals page only lists items that you need to act on, once you do mark the application, it will no longer appear on the list. You can change the list filter to include marked applications.

Check with your business unit to see what their process is regarding marking items.

To mark the eGC1, click the Mark as Watched link on the Approval Flow page, as shown in the following image.

Link to mark application as watched

The page will refresh and the color of your node will now be light gray and the status will be Watched.