May 2015 Maintenance Release

Revised Disclosure Review Statuses

A new Review Status of “Pending Answer” has been added so that the SFI disclosure reviewers in the Office of Research can identify those disclosures whose review is pending additional information from the investigator. The Review Status of “Duplicate” was removed, and all disclosures in that status were moved to “No Review Required” status.

Disclosure Notification Changes

In order to ensure attention is drawn to situations where an investigator may not be receiving a disclosure notification email, there are some changes being introduced to the eGC1s in SAGE.

  • Providing visibility when an investigator’s email address is missing which means no disclosure notification can be sent. When no email address is available, the eGC1 Preparer will be sent an email they can forward to the investigator.
  • Requiring the eGC1 Preparer’s email address, used for key notifications.