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Account Creation and Management

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Zipline users must complete a one page self-registration in order to:

A UW NetID and password are required to access Zipline.

To Register:

1. Access the Zipline website [6]

2. Login with your UW NetID and password

UW login page

3. Confirm that any pre-filled fields are correct and complete the required fields (denoted by a red asterisk *)

select organization window demonstrating filtering using the % wildcard

4. Complete any other information you wish to provide to HSD in the optional fields.

5. Click OK to complete the self-registration.

Zipline self registration screen

You can update your user profile [3] at any time after self-registration.

Logging In

Zipline is web-based, so it only requires an internet connection, a computer or other internet-connected device, and a UW NetID and password to access.

Currently, there is no mobile version or app available, and there will be slight differences in how documents download and open depending on the browser that is used.

To login, visit the UW Zipline landing page [8].

Updating Profile

All registered Zipline users are able to update profile information, including name, title, department, and contact information, at any time. Profile information applies to your Zipline account as a whole, and cannot be adjusted on a study by study basis.

Your UW NetID and password are used to login to Zipline. Your password can only be changed by changing your UW NetID Password [9].

1. Click your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select My Profile

My Profile link

2. Under Next Steps, click Edit Details

Edit Details button

3. Make any needed updates to your name, title, department (employer), email, phone, or address and click Save and OK

Zipline Save Menu

* If you don’t see your changes immediately, log out of Zipline and then log back in