The Innovation Imperative

Innovation ecosystems

August 31, 2017

Taking tech ideas global: Connecting an innovation ecosystem

The word ecosystem conjures up a rain forest in Ecuador, where sunlight, soil, water, and a multitude of species exist together in a self-sustaining environment that is constantly evolving. This image from biology translates perfectly into what many people like to call an innovation ecosystem.

July 30, 2017

Innovation hubs are becoming more protective than innovative

LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman spoke this past May at the Tech Alliance luncheon in Seattle, and something he said got me thinking about Silicon Valley – and all innovation hubs — in a different way.

April 10, 2017

Growing up in the University District

From April 2017 issue of Seattle Business magazine: Seattle and the UW aim to transform the U District into an innovation zone. Think of it as an urban Silicon Valley. Vikram Jandhyala sees Seattle’s University District evolving into an “innovation district” — a place where public and private sectors work together to develop socially beneficial…

March 25, 2017

Building a local innovation ecosystem

Western Washington is already home to some of the most innovative people, companies, and academic programs in the world. And yet we should be doing much more to connect and support our local innovators, to attract more agents of change to the region, and to help them develop big new things.

March 1, 2017

Driverless Seattle: How the city can plan for automated vehicles

A new report from the University of Washington’s Tech Policy Lab and the Mobility Innovation Center touts the need for readiness and tackles the costs and benefits of automated vehicles.

August 10, 2016

Exploring the Seattle tech universe

The Seattle region’s technology landscape was in the spotlight in Davos, Switzerland, where top corporate executives and global leaders were gathered for the World Economic Forum. Brad Smith, Microsoft president and chief legal officer, cited the UW in an example of the connection between leading universities and innovation ecosystems.

March 14, 2016

Universities and the alchemy of innovation

In the modern era, universities have taken on the role of innovative “sandbox,” fostering an explosion of research and discovery at a scale never seen before in human history, according to an article by Margaret O’Mara, associate professor of history at the UW.