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The complexity of “screen time” and the brain

Technology can often feel like it’s taking over our lives – and the automatic reaction is often just to say ‘no more!’ – but technology use and its effects on the brain are just as variable as our lives are. As such, the AAP recently released new guidelines on media use, going beyond just limiting screentime, to promoting use of screens in ways positive for the brain.

The new recommendations focus on a shift from limiting screen time to using screen time wisely and developing self-regulating techniques and thoughtfulness around how much time is spent on screens, and how it is spent.

Several studies, including key studies from the I-LABS at the University of Washington, have established that children seem to learn more from interactive apps, interactivity with their families, and from using technology to interact with others than from traditional individual technology uses. We have tried to integrate these lessons into our interactive lessons about the brain.

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