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Conveyor Toaster Oven

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47197-6. Behold, the Toast-Qwik by Hatco. I once had a summer job in a food gazebo in the middle of Kansas City, MO that involved serving mini-pizzas from a toaster conveyor to outdoor concert-goers, and I can attest that if you’re not paying real close attention, you can end up with a mess of mini-pizzas on the pavement, and that is no fun to clean up. And then the crows show up, and it’s like a Hitchcock film. Conveyor toaster ovens are a lot like The Force—it’s important to pay close attention to what you’re doing in order to avoid cheesy catastrophes. Note: we have not tested this equipment.

Giant Mixing Bowl with Special Guest Star: Rolling Stand!

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46813-4. When I first saw this I was transported back to the Nassau, Bahamas airport outside which several talented musicians were making amazing music with steel drums … and then I noticed this is not a steel drum at all but a giant mixing bowl on a rolling stand. Let me tell you, my impression of Nassau would have been very different had I exited the airport to see a line of colorfully-dressed salad-tossers and dough-mixers; but that, too, would have been memorable. Measures 30 ½”-diameter x 33”-high. By Vollrath.

Interrogative Ontological Dilemma Mug for the Not-Quite Infirm

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Just .50!

Yes, it’s the drinking vessel that asks the mainly rhetorical question, “How the bleep did I get to be 40?” It’s not that we don’t know the answer; it’s that thinking about it causes no small amount of existential discomfort once folks stop carding you or including you in their complaints about kids today. Kind of like the first time some pimply kid calls you “Sir” or “Ma’am.” If you think only coffee’s going in here you’re nuts.

Mugs Galore!

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.25 each!

If there’s one thing we love here in the warehouse it’s galore. Need some coffee/tea/hot chocolate mugs? Why pay bloated retail prices when you know we can set you up with some sweet deals. Just .25 each! Fill ‘er up!

Salt & Pepper Shakers Are Here & They’re In Effect, Want You to Push It

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Just $1.00 each!

Sure, they look serious—all gleaming caps and glass bodies, but they’re totally funky fresh, just shake-shake-shake ‘em like a Polaroid picture. We’ve got a jackpot load of these (also in a giant bucket beside the pictured shelf).

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