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Induction Cooktop

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45772-16. This model is the Temp-Rite by Aladdin, and I was certain that it worked by combining different ingredients I believed made up a complete recipe that, once a switch was flipped, automatically arrived at a complete meal conclusion. But that’s an inductive reasoning cooktop, and those haven’t quite yet made it out of the Willy Wonka factory. An induction cooktop, which is what this thing is, heats a cooking vessel by magnetic induction as opposed to thermal conduction that would come from a flame or electrical heating source. BAM: SCIENCE! See how much you can learn at UW Surplus?


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.25 - .50 each, as marked

Getcher ladle running. Head out on the highway. Looking for adventure. Or whatever soup comes my way! You know, or gravy. And that highway gravy is a lot easier to catch with a ladle.

Mugs Galore!

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.25 each!

If there’s one thing we love here in the warehouse it’s galore. Need some coffee/tea/hot chocolate mugs? Why pay bloated retail prices when you know we can set you up with some sweet deals. Just .25 each! Fill ‘er up!

Salt & Pepper Shakers Are Here & They’re In Effect, Want You to Push It

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Just $1.00 each!

Sure, they look serious—all gleaming caps and glass bodies, but they’re totally funky fresh, just shake-shake-shake ‘em like a Polaroid picture. We’ve got a jackpot load of these (also in a giant bucket beside the pictured shelf).

Strainer Spoons by Cambro!

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Just .25 each!

Strainer spoons for everyone! Or at least eight of you! Each spoon measures 13”-ling.

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