Kitchen Equipment

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Mugs Galore!

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.25 each!

If there’s one thing we love here in the warehouse it’s galore. Need some coffee/tea/hot chocolate mugs? Why pay bloated retail prices when you know we can set you up with some sweet deals. Just .25 each! Fill ‘er up!

Propane Outdoor Grill

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43396-1. Get a jump on summer with this propane outdoor grill by Big John Grills & Rotisseries! This is the real reason your sweetie got you that “Kiss the Chef” apron in the first place. Outdoor use only.

Specklewear Pots

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$2.00 each!

Something about these old-timey Specklewear pots & lids makes me think of my grandparents’ cabin in the woods. Probably the speckles. Each pot measures approximately 10”-diameter x 9”H.

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