Kitchen Equipment

Items shown represent a small selection of current inventory.

Assorted Dish Dollies

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Metal dollies: $50.00 each; resin dollies: $95.00 each

40610-1, -2, -3, -5, -6, -8, -9, -10, and -11. Ideal for restaurants, banquet halls, and catering services, these dish dollies can handle hundreds of dishes at a time, making transport much more safe & reliable than your Uncle Nick’s cousin’s neighbor who juggles the chainsaws. All dollies are 32”-high.

Assorted Plates & Saucers!

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.25 per piece

It’s always a big step for newly-independent-ish apartment dwellers to get plates that match, isn’t it? Here’s a good way to get a frugal head start! We’ve got several plates and saucers that sure do look like one another, and they’re just .25 each! Party!

N.I.B. Stainless Sinks!

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$50.00 each (approximately 28 available)

Talk about a sink jackpot (well, someone has to): we’ve got approximately 28 new-in-box stainless steel sinks just in time for you to outfit your, uh, 28-sink bathroom. Invite your friends! Elkay PSR-2219 stainless 22” top mount single-bowl sinks.

Stainless Sinks

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$60.00 each

40623-32 and -33. Each of these sinks comes with its own fun slide, but I don’t think you’ll fit. Measures 2’-square x 18”-high.

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