Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology

Discussion: Ways to Engage in Accessibility Across Campus

Speaker(s): Panelists: Kat Steele (UW Mechanical Engineering), Alyssa Taylor (UW Bioengineering), Molly Mollica (UW Bioengineering), Dianne Hendricks (UW Human Centered Design and Engineering); Moderator: Brianna Blaser (DO-IT)
Date: Sep 04, 2019
Grant: ADEPT
Across a College of Engineering, there are multiple avenues for engaging in conversations related to disability, accessibility, and universal design. In this webinar, we’ll hear about initiatives across the University of Washington’s College of Engineering that address disability through curriculum, makerspaces, student activities, and other avenues and ways to build community around these topics. We’ll explore student engagement, resources, and more.