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Are you an introvert or an extravert?

While the hustle and bustle of meeting new people, finding one’s way around a new campus, and living in close quarters with unfamiliar people may be very energizing for some people, it is quite draining for others. The difference may be largely due to differing personality preferences. Understanding more about introversion and extraversion can help you understand and appreciate the ways in which you prefer to interact with others. Read more about extraversion and introversion.

Many students find it helpful to take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as a way of gaining self-understanding, improving their relationships, and gaining a stronger sense of direction regarding their career choice. The Counseling Center offers the Myers Briggs (often referred to as the MBTI); check out our Career Exploration page for details about how to take the assessment and receive an interpretation.

  • Remember, both introverts and extraverts can have deep and satisfying relationships with others, but each type goes about this process in a different way.