Counseling Center

Relaxation Podcasts

We hope you find these podcasts helpful for increasing relaxation and reducing stress, including exam stress. Listen to one or all to see how they might fit for you.

It is ideal to do relaxation techniques at least a few times per week in order to get the most benefit; however, we believe that any time spent getting more relaxed is valuable. Once you get the gist of these recordings, you should be able to practice these techniques on your own anytime.

Check back periodically, as we hope to add more podcasts in the future.

If you have trouble playing any of these files, please try using Mozilla Firefox.

Deep Breathing (6:39)

Beach Visualization (12:53)

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (15:25)

(Begins with instructions, repeat listeners may skip to 3:20 to begin the exercise.)

Exam Rehearsal Visualization (11:07)

If you’d like more details about the research supporting relaxation techniques, you can check out this link:

Some people may find that techniques like these are helpful on their own, while others find that they work best as a supplement to counseling.  Please contact us at the Counseling Center if your stress impacts your ability to function for several days or weeks, or gets worse over time.  These self-help tools are not intended to be a substitute for therapy or professional assistance.  Finally, if you are taking medication for heart disease or blood pressure problems, please consult with your doctor before using these relaxation techniques.