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Winter Toolkit

Winter Toolkit: COVID-19 edition

This winter, the typical mental health concerns have an additional layer of complexity as we navigate through the continued pandemic. In developing the winter toolkit, we collected relevant information for those topics in the context of COVID-19.  There are many gaps in information for some of the topics simply because the research cannot keep up with the changing experiences of the pandemic. However, there are many different coping strategies that we have gathered that may be useful in sustaining our mental wellbeing throughout the pandemic.

WA DOH statement on behavioral health impact of COVID-19 pandemic

Statewide Analysis of Behavioral Health Impacts from COVID-19

General Mental Health Resources

Find Your Local NAMI recovery group

COVID-19 Resilience Infographic

COVID-19 Mental Health & Well Being Resources – WA DOH


Below is a non-exhaustive list of articles, resources, and information on the different areas of concern listed on the winter toolkit infographic