Counseling Center

Counseling Center Staff

Leadership Team

Natacha Foo Kune, Ph.D. (2005), Ohio State University, Columbus. Director and Counseling Psychologist, License #PY60634517 (WA).

Linda Anderson, Ph.D. (2003), Indiana University, Bloomington. Associate Director/Clinical Director and Counseling Psychologist, License #PY60316112 (WA).

Hsuan Hsuan Dai, M.A. (2016), Lewis and Clark College. Assistant Director for Operations and Licensed Mental Health Therapist. License # LH60904645 (WA).

Charisse Williams, Ph.D. (2007), University of Florida. Assistant Director/Training Director and Counseling Psychologist, License #PY60059524 (WA).

Clinical Staff

Anthony Aguiluz, M.A.Ed. (2011), Seattle University. Licensed Mental Health Counselor, License #LH60405106 (WA).

Laura Boye, Psy.D. (2016), PGSP-Stanford Psy.D. Consortium. Clinical Psychologist and Veteran Support Counselor, License #PY60845021 (WA).

Amy Collins, Ph.D. (2009), Texas A&M University. Residential Life Liaison and Counseling Psychologist, License #PY60321662 (WA).

Lev Cunningham. Liaison to the School of Social Work.

Kate Fredenberg, MSW (2011) University of Washington, School of Social Work. Mental Health Therapist, LICSW. Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, License #LW60489091 (WA).

Ricardo Hidalgo, M.A. (1986), Antioch University. Mental Health Therapist, License #LH00006409 (WA).

Tomomi Ito, M.A. (2016), Bastyr University. Case Manager and Mental Health Therapist, License #LH60914208 (WA).

Phillip Lentz, M.A. (2018), The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. Liaison to the School of Law and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, License #LH61050032 (WA).

Mandy Lu, Psy.D. (2019), University of Indianapolis. Clinical Psychologist, License #PY61016305 (WA).

Dari Magyar, MD. (2009), Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland. Psychiatrist, License # MD60281924 (WA).

Jen Nguyen. Liaison to Health Sciences and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, License # LH61122460 (WA).

Seiko Ryan, M.S. (2000), Eastern Washington University, Mental Health Therapist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, License #LH00011333 (WA).

Scott Shiebler, Ph.D. (2003), Seattle Pacific University; M.S.W. (1989). Counseling Psychologist, License #PY00003187 (WA); Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, License #LW0004691 (WA).

Alexander Shappie, Ph.D. (2020) The Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology. Mental Health Therapist.

David Slagle, M.S. (1985), Seattle Pacific University. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, License #LF1108 (WA).

Iris Song, Psy.D. (2010), The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Clinical Psychologist, License #PY60639248 (WA).

Fievel Jack Steller, MSW. (2014) University of Washington School of Social Work. Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, License #LW60746141 (WA).

Yuxin Sun, Ph.D. (2019), Auburn University. International Student Specialist and Counseling Psychologist, License #PY60988971 (WA)

Anne Swenson, Ph.D. (2007), Case Western Reserve University. Clinical Psychologist, License #PY00003692 (WA).

Support Staff

Kirsten Doroff, Psychiatry Care Coordinator.

Pisey Keo, B.A., (2015) University of Hawaii at Manoa. Program Assistant.

Lena ScottB.A. (2004) The Evergreen State College. Program Assistant.

Doreen Shanklin, B.A. (2012) Western Washington University. Program Assistant.

Kevin Springer, B.S. (2013) California Lutheran University. Program Coordinator.

Professional Psychology Interns 2020 – 2021

Andrew G. Pereira, M.S., Doctoral candidate at the University of North Texas Counseling Psychology program.,

Tamara Carmen, M.A., M.A., Doctoral candidate at the Pacific University Clinical Psychology program.

Brent A. Stewart, M.A., Doctoral candidate at The University of North Dakota, Counseling Psychology.