Lesson 1: Reflections


This module consists of a single activity that gives you an opportunity to reflect upon and summarize what you learned in Unit 7, while practicing your HTML skills.


  1. Using your text editor, open the index.html file of your web portfolio.
  2. Beneath the Unit 7 sub-heading, replace the placeholder content with a brief summary of what you learned in Unit 7. Your summary should include one ore more paragraphs of text (using the <p> element), plus a list of things you found particularly informative about this unit (using either a <ul> or <ol> element)
  3. Be sure to remove the class="temp" attribute that originally marked the temporary placeholder paragraph.
  4. Double-check your HTML to be sure you coded everything properly.
  5. Save your work, and check it in your web browser to be sure it looks like you expect it to.

All done?

Show your work to your instructor. Then proceed to Unit 8: Client Website.