Development and support of Willow is now discontinued. Willow was removed from production at UW on June 30, 1999.

Getting Willow

Follow one of the links below to download the Willow that is right for you. Once you install Willow, you will want to configure your Web browser to use Willow. That way you will automatically get a Willow launched when you click on Willow database link on a web page (available on the U. of Washington home pages). If you are on an X-Windows display, you can run a remote demo of Willow without actually installing it on your computer. If you do install Willow on your computer, please join one of our mailing lists.

Java Willow Application
Though it is not a fully supported released product yet, there is a beta release standalone Willow application written in Java, which runs well on Windows, Mac, and Unix platforms.
Java Willow Applet
There is also a beta release of an older Java Willow applet, which runs embedded in a web page. It is not as slick as the newer Java Willow standalone application, but it does not require you to download and install a large application on your computer.
Go here to download Willow for installation on a Microsoft Windows computer.
Remote Unix Willow
If you have a unix computer in the domain, the easiest way for you to run Willow is to download this script, and install it as an executable file. It will launch a Willow on the Willow server cluster, for display on your screen.
Willow for Unix
If you want Willow to run locally on your own Unix machine, go here to download the source code, or a pre-compiled binary.
Wilco -- Character Oriented Willow
You can download Wilco, the character-cell only version of Willow by following the above link, however if you wish to use it with the University of Washington database collection, you get access to Wilco automatically when you run UWIN.
Macintosh Users
There is no native Willow for Macintosh, but both versions of Java Willow mentioned above work well on more modern Macs. You can also either run Wilco/UWIN, or install an X-Windows server (such as Apple's Mac X or White Pine's eXodus) and run Willow for Unix remotely. The UW Health Sciences Library has some information available about Willow and eXodus.

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