Development and support of Willow is now discontinued. Willow was removed from production at UW on June 30, 1999.

Willow Demo

If you are looking at this page on an X-Windows display, you can take advantage of X's remote application control capabilities, and get a live demo of Willow. First, you must give the UW Willow server permission to put a program on your display, by issuing the command:


Next, you must tell us where to display the Willow session by typing the value of your $DISPLAY environment variable into the box below. Your display is usually referenced by the name or IP address of the machine you are actually sitting at, with a ":0" appended at the end. For example if you are at an X-Terminal called, you would enter

Enter your X-Display here:

When you are ready, press this button

Questions and comments about Willow to: