Light and Shadows

The Story of Iranian Jews

Edited by David Yeroushalmi

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  • Published: 2012
  • Subject Listing: Jewish Studies
  • Bibliographic information: 200 pp., 119 illus., 104 in color, 8.60 x 10.60 in.
  • Distributed for: Fowler Museum at UCLA
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Light and Shadows highlights the 2,700-year history of Jews in Iran. It reveals centuries of oppression, fascinating cultural borrowings, and great artistic achievements. The story is told through rare archaeological artifacts, illuminated manuscripts, beautiful ritual objects and amulets, ceremonial garments, musical instruments, photographs, and more.

It examines as well the large-scale exodus of the Jewish community following the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Today, at least 25,000 practicing Jews remain in Iran, unwilling to give up their ancestral home and the distinctive way of life they have led there.

Light and Shadows is a co-publication between the Fowler Museum at UCLA and Beit Hatfutsot - The Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv.
David Yeroushalmi is professor of Middle Eastern and African history and a senior fellow at the Alliance Center for Iranian Studies, Tel Aviv University. Other contributors include Kathleen Abraham, Ariella Amar, Orit Engelberg-Baram, David Menashri, Orly Rahimiyan, Houman Sarshar, Hagai Segev, and Esther Shkalim.

"The book is a sumptuous and illuminating work of history."
-Jonathan Kirsch, The Jewish Journal, March 2013