The Sikh Diaspora

Search for Statehood

Darshan Singh Tatla

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  • Published: 1999
  • Subject Listing: Asian Studies / South Asia
  • Bibliographic information: 224 pp.
  • Territorial rights: North American rights only
  • Series: Global Diasporas
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The Sikh Diaspora is an impressive, probing and original examination of the Sikh communities of Britain, Canada, and the United States. The author examines the cultural, economic and social linkages between overseas Sikh communities and the Punjab, discussing the Sikh diaspora's support for a Sikh homelandand its role in highlighting human rights' abuses in the Punjab. Exploring the diaspora's close involvement in issues emanating from its homeland, Dr. Tatla asks whether this involvement indicates an insecure settlement in the new countries. He is especially interested in the ways in which inter-state diplomacy, notably India's pressure on host states to curb "Sikh extremism", has affected the position of Sikh communities abroad.

Drawing on literature and media from English and Punjabi sources, Dr. Tatla provides an insight into the emotional and psychological world of the diaspora and its yearning for an independent homeland. The book is a significant contribution to the growing literature on the role of diaspora communities as international actors in challenging the power of nation-states and of host societies. It will be an indispensable text for students of South Asia, and of great interest for those studying international migration and diasporas from the perspective of sociology or politics.
The Sikh Diaspora

Foreword by the Series Editor
List of Tables
Theoretical issues
Scope of the Study
1) The Sikhs: the search for statehood
2) The Sikh diaspora: a history of settlement
3) The Sikh diaspora and the Punjab: dialectics of ethnic linkages
4) The Sikh diaspora and the Punjab: political linkages
5) Demand for homeland: Sikhs in North America
6) Demand for homeland: Sikhs in Britain
7) Mediating between states: Sikh diplomacy and interstate relations
8) Call of homeland: models and reality of ethnic mobilization
Glossary and abbreviations