Child and Youth Care

Critical Perspectives on Pedagogy, Practice, and Policy

Edited by Alan Pence and Jennifer B. White

  • Published: 2011. Paperback 2012
  • Subject Listing: Health
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Critical and postmodern perspectives have been largely underexplored in the field of child and youth care. This book addresses the gap, showcasing cutting-edge approaches to policy, pedagogy, and practice from diverse perspectives and professional settings. The authors challenge deep-seated assumptions about child and youth care by reinterpreting core concepts such as ethics and outcomes and raising questions about underlying goals and premises. Can the ends of practice be separated from the means? For whose benefit are interventions designed? By recognizing a range of social and political influences on children and youth, this volume bears witness to exciting developments in child and youth care.
Alan Pence is UNESCO Chair for Early ChildhoodEducation, Care and Development, and a professor in the School of Childand Youth Care at the University of Victoria.Jennifer White is an associate professor in theSchool of Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria.Contributors: Brooke Alsbury, Mackenzie Dean,Sandrina de Finney, B. Denise Hodgins, Mark L. Kelly, Kathleen Kummen,J.N. Little, Alan Pence, Elicia Loiselle, Jonathan Morris, JanetNewbury, Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw, Lorinda Stoneman, and JenniferWhite.

"This book clearly reflects a professional 'coming of age' [and] makes a strong case for developing a unique professional paradigm that gives voice to the rich variety of issues, contexts, and perspectives that practitioners encounter."
-Ted Dunlop, Director, School of Child and Youth Care, Ryerson University
Preface: A Personal and Professional Journey / Alan

Introduction / Alan Pence and Jennifer White

Part 1: Teaching and Theorizing Child and Youth

1 Articulating a Child and Youth Care Philosophy: Beyond
Binary Constructs / J.N. Little

2 Rethinking Developmental Theories in Child and Youth Care /
Veronica Pacini- Ketchabaw

3 Re-Stor(y)ing Professional Ethics in Child and Youth Care:
Toward More Contextualized, Reflexive and Generative Practices /
Jennifer White

Part 2: Critically Interrogating Gender in Child and Youth

4 Doing "Sissy" and "Tomboy":
Exploring Childhood Participation in and Resistance to Discourses of
Gender and Sexuality / Jonathan Morris

5 Bottom of the Food Chain: The Minoritization of Girls in
Child and Youth Care / Sandrina de Finney, Elicia Loiselle, and
Mackenzie Dean

6 Father Involvement Initiatives: Social Inclusion or the
(Re)Construction of Hegemonic Masculinity? / B. Denise

Part 3: Expanding Perspectives in Child and Youth Care

7 Northern Canadian Practice as a Site for Exploration of
Child and Youth Care Identities: Inside and Outside Professionalization
/ Brooke Alsbury

8 Considering Street Outreach to Youth: Politics, Policies,
and Practice / Mark L. Kelly

9 Contextualizing Care: Generating Alternatives to the
Individualization of Struggles and Support by Considering Loss /
Janet Newbury

Part 4: Policy Discourses in Child and Youth

10 Constructing and Regulating the Young Offender: Trends
in Punishment from Colonial to Contemporary Canada / Lorinda

11 Once upon a Time There Was a Ready Child: Challenging
Readiness as a Single Story / Kathleen Kummen

Afterword / Jennifer White and Alan Pence