Klallam Dictionary

Timothy Montler

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  • Published: 2012
  • Subject Listing: Language; Native American and Indigenous Studies
  • Bibliographic information: 1008 pp., 8.5 x 11 in.
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With the help of elders, educators, and tribal councils of the Klallam Tribes at Elwha, Port Gamble, and Jamestown, Washington, and Becher Bay on Vancouver Island, Timothy Montler has compiled a comprehensive dictionary of the Klallam language. It includes over 9,000 entries, a brief grammatical sketch, and numerous indexes, along with a wealth of cultural information.

Klallam is the language of the people whose ancestors lived at Tse-whit-zen, the largest archaeological site in Washington. It is an endangered language being revived through the efforts of the Klallam Language Program. While there are fewer than a dozen speakers of Klallam as their first language, there are hundreds who have gone through tribal language programs in the past twenty years.
Timothy Montler is a professor at the University of North Texas. He is the author of many articles and books on Native American languages.

"Rich in authentic cultural content and detailed linguistic analysis, this comprehensive work is an important legacy for the Klallam people and an excellent contribution to research on Salish languages."
-Donna Gerdts, Simon Fraser University
Contributing Native-Speaking Elders
A Brief Introduction to the Klallam Language
The Klallam Sounds
The Klallam Word
The Klallam Sentence
About the Dictionary
Organization of Entries
Example Entry
List of Abbreviations
Klallam-English Dictionary
English-Klallam Index
Klallam Affix Index
Lexical Suffixes
Klallam Root Index

". . . this dictionary represents a seminal contribution to pedagogy and to future scholarly studies of the language. The compiler's achievement embodies the best results of linguistic documentation in the modern context of language revitalization. Highly recommended."

"Klallam people from all over the Peninsula and beyond turned out for a recent signing ceremony for the dictionary in Port Angeles. Some cradled the book like a baby. Many already had decided where such an important book would be kept in their home. . ."
-Lynda Mapes

"The new Klallam Dictionary- celebrated at the gathering of Klallam people from Elwha, Jamestown, and Port Gamble- holds the future of the language. And it holds a lot of history."
-Richard Walker, North Kitsap Herald, November 2012

"Timothy Montler's Klallam Dictionary is much more than a listing of words in Klallam and English. It is a beautiful, solid volume of information that has potential to be useful to a wide range of people.... from historians and language learners and teachers to linguists."
-Suzanne Urbanczyk, BC Studies